27 November 2014

The Honeymoon Period

Okay so newly weds and new home owners and more importantly vintage shopaholics .... money is tight! Not only that, but also lovers of the simple tradition English holiday its safe to say that a trip to the east coast was the perfect destination for us both post wedding!
We still spent sometime on the beach as to say it was September it was actually quite warm, (by east coast standards anyway).
I love the dress I am wearing above, definitely one of my all time favourites. Its from a shop called joy in Sheffield, you can visit the shop online at joythestore. I have actually recently done what you might call a BIG shop in joy recently so be prepared for a lot of Joy! (and what a fantastic name for a shop!)    
Sunglasses are from river island (4 years ago ish)
The wedding day shoes making an appearance on the beach!!!

With no wedding dress to stay slim for lets just say food was one of the main aspects of our holiday and what better place to find these sweet delights!
We also had the chance to use one of our favourite wedding gifts this fab picnic basket! Nice and big for all our food!!

This dress was from Queen of Holloway online, took a long time to arrive but they do make everything from scratch and they had to wait for the material to be back in stock.
So there is a little taster of our simple but perfect for us two honeymoon.
Where have the rest of you been on honeymoon? Simple or extravagant? 

26 October 2014

My Wedding Day

Time for our wedding photos. My friend took them for us, Nelly Naylor Photography. She has done an stunning job and was so organised before the day that I think it shows in the pictures, as they are exactly what we wanted.
We wanted those relaxed shots where people are unaware there photo is being taken, but also on those posed group shots that you always need to have to also be fun and relaxed.
Now, I hope you are ready for this! As she is my friend she gave us all 399 of the final selected photos, I love every single one and have had to have two wedding albums because of this!
So, lets do this in order,
First thing, The Hair,
If you have ready my Hollywood stars wedding post then you will know that I had an inherited tiara from my Grandmas wedding that both my auntie and my mum wore on their wedding days. I really wanted to wear it as it has such sentimental value, as well as being beautiful. I didn't however like it once it was in the traditional "on top of you head " style. It didn't suit me and I didn't like how high it stood of my head.
So we tipped it upside down!
As you can just make out in the picture below, we turned it around and put it on the side of my head, which my hair was then pulled through. It worked so well and enabled me to wear it on my wedding day and still have that old fashioned in a modern way look. My dress shop owner is now informing her other clients of this idea as it really did solve a problem that was really bothering me and as it turns out other brides as well.
The Dress
Nothing like I thought I wanted! I wanted short and un-big skirt and I ended up with the complete opposite! I had the simple but elegant elements that I wanted. The only "fancy" detail I had is the belt around the middle and it really pulled everything together, from the head dress to the bouquet. As you can see I decided to veil!! Defiantly the right decision!! 
Now I actually really love the back for the dress. You cant really see in the picture but there are buttons all the way down the train. Its these little details that make it that extra special and unique. The only issue I had, is that bugs from the church yard kept finding there way under the net and up my skirt!
The Shoes
Now its no secret that I am a Vivienne Westwood fan and I originally had the blue dragon heart shoes that I posted previously, but that was when I thought I would be having a short dress. Once a long dress was the dress, I decided on flats. The reasoning is because I cant wear heels for very long and once the heels come off the dress gets to long and I fall over. They were so comfortable and a talking point at the wedding as most guests came up to me to have a peek at the shoes! So glad I went for these as they added the, "not everything is traditional" vibe that we wanted, particularly as
  my dress was traditional so added the contrast.
The Bouquet
These are all made of paper and made by my mother! She has been so fantastic through this wedding and done so much work! (Many more mum made things to come). This picture doesn't really show how beautiful it is. The middle of each flower is a silver button that ties in well with the detail on the waist of the dress. As its handmade means I can save it forever.
The Bridesmaids
I had 7 bridesmaids, my sister, 3 cousins, my sister in-law, brothers girlfriend and my best friend. I picked a simple dress with a circle skirt as I wanted something that all the girls would feel comfortable in and would suit them all. I allowed them to pick which colour they wanted and I think the mixture of colours really works and is just well.. really pretty. 

The photos at my mum and dad's house before I left for church were taken in front of the straw bails at home, which was a great idea as it incorporates the farm life upbringing that I have had into the wedding.

Again no real flowers and again my mothers handmade creations. We went with pin wheels for the bridesmaids and the button holes. This was so fun and looked so good in all the photos and went really well with the different colour dresses, I was so happy how it all looked together.
The Groom and Best Men
So this is my groom Eddie in his tailor made suit from a tailor in Nottingham. You see the pin wheel button holes that mum made! They give the fun element that we wanted. He wore is Grandad's pocket watch which was lovely for him as it was for me to wear my Grandma' s tiara.  

And yes, he had three best men! His sister boyfriend, my brother and his best friend. These hats are only prop hats, they weren't worn for the main event. I particularly love the picture below, they look like 1930's gangsters. It was nice for Eddie to be able to walk down to church from his house, as it is two doors from his mum and dads.

The Cakes
Again, all mother made. The main cake three layers of fruit cake with the pin wheel theme and the icing flowers decreasing as the fall down the cake. Then a surprise lego cake for Eddie. He isn't a fan of fruit cake so this is a banana cake. He kept joking with my mum saying he wanted lego or star wars on the wedding cake so she made this as a surprise. She made the lego bride and groom out of clay, so they too can be kept forever.
The Room
In the centre of the tables we had paper flowers, these are larger versions of the ones in my bouquet. We also had bottles of pink lemonade and jars full of sweets instead of favours. Of course all made my mother.  

The room looked bright and colourful and we had some bunting made by my auntie for my cousins wedding to finish the room off nicely.

Hope you haven't been to bored looking at the photos. I am just so pleased with them and wanted to share.
Here are a few of my favourite pictures as well.


10 July 2014

1940's Pearls

Now I have been saying I really want some pearls for a while now.
I don't mean real ones, from reading my blog I am sure by now it is clear that I love bargains, and try to keep the prices of items I buy low.
I have had cheap plastic pearls before, you know those ones on a long string and after a few wears the shiny coating starts to chip off!!!
 I didn't want any quite that cheap.
So on a trip round Nottingham's vintage shops yesterday we found this beautiful 1940s necklace.
A barging and a treat from Eddie at only £10!!
I am so pleased with them, they are just what I wanted. On a nice short string and the are so pearly and shiny.
And complete with this stunning clasp, that I have to admit isn't the easiest thing to fasten, but it definitely makes it feel more special.  
I am so content now, as I really have been looking for a while now.
There is something just so elegant about them, I think I hold my head a little higher if only to show them off more.
I didn't need a bag as I added them to my outfit straight away. They looked good with this shirt, but next time they will be on full show, as you cant really see their full beauty here.
Anybody else in love with pearls?

9 July 2014

I'm Back!! (again)

Okay, so I know I have had a long time off from the blogging!
Please forgive me, but with moving house, wedding planning and starting a new job I have been pretty busy! Every day has been booked up!!
However, now my house is sorted, (ish), there will finally be some blog posts!!
So be ready for the usual posts you see from me but also wedding planning and some home and decor posts.
I also plan on doing some reviews on products as I have been trying so many in wedding preparation.
Something else that is also back is my bright, bright, bright blonde hair!! Feels soooo good.
As you can see above I currently have a turquois strip, however it is constantly changing at the moment!!
See, and here it is pink!
Let me know what you think!

31 January 2014

Weddings of Hollywood Starts

Okay, time for some wedding dress research!!!
So, for my birthday Eddie gave me this book of stunning photographs past move stars on their wedding day.
While I was ill on a miserable rainy, grey day and while feeling quite rubbish, I set to do some research with my cup of hot lemon, (feeling sorry for myself wasn't I)
I used this tea cup that is actually my mum's, I got it for her birthday. I felt like I needed the little message of "hello beautiful" written on the inside to make me feel better!
The book starts with what is probably the most famous wedding dress I can think of. Grace Kelly and her beautiful lace dress. Of course very similar to probably the next most famous dress worn by Princess Kate Middleton when she married Prince William. I am not sure that I would go for quite as much lace as this especially on the arms, mainly because I feel my arms would be too chunky for such a design. However, the high neck is something I do really like and is something I have found myself drawn to while dress shopping.
I love this picture, you can just see the concentration and how deep in prayer she is by just her expression on her face, and she looks truly beautiful.

I have really found that simplicity is what I want in a dress, anything with to much trimming has just been an instant no. As in this dress above worn by Jean Harlow in 1932, the simple waist detail to add a focus point I really like. I hope it to pull in my waist and provide a good shape to my figure. However, I don't think a satin
 gown would ever work for me, shows to many lumps and bumps. Also, Jean was famous for not wearing underwear causing her nipples to always be on show, not something I intend on going for really!
This is Joan Crawford's dress when she married her third husband in 1946.Now it is the skirt in this dress that I love. I love the folds and the way it hangs with its own weight. Very flattening to her figure and I hope my own also.  
This is Rita Haywood when she married Prince Aly Khan in 1949. She was actually a Hollywood star come princes before more famously Grace Kelly. Now I really like this dress and is definitely a style I always look for in any dress, with the circle skirt and neck line. However, unlike Rita Haywood I only plan on getting married once, and feel that something a bit more different, extravagant and only to be worn once dress is required. Again, like the Joan Crawford dress I do however really like the skirt and how it hangs. I think a full skirt is defiantly for me. Rita was also 2months pregnant on her wedding day with their daughter Princess Yasmin.  
To veil or not to veil. Now this really is the question! I had always imagined not, I thought, this will irritate me and make me look like a bride. Now I know that sounds silyl but I have spent the past few years trying to do everything different and I never wanted to look like you typical bride. However, the look on my mothers face when I add it to a dress I am trying on, she always fills up and says it finishes the dress perfectly. To be truthful, it doesn't look as bad as I had imagined and for a church wedding I guess it should be done. So, you will have to wait and see on my decision! Esther Williams defiantly pulled it off in the picture above in 1945. I also have an inherited tiara to wear that is my Grandmas, worn by her, my auntie and my mum. I would love to wear it but like in the picture above of Esther, I don't want it to stand so high on my head. I do however have a plan but its a secrete and you will have to wait and see.  
I have put this picture in as I love the film The Quiet Man and both John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. The dress hasn't really got any elements that I think I want for my own dress. I do think that Eddie will look something like John Wayne though.
Also added this one as I am a big Elvis lover! This veil is definitely not reducing my reluctance to veil!!
Hope you found this interesting, if not what I do and don't like about each dress but just looking at a few Hollywood snaps with a little bit of history. This is a beautiful book and I would recommend to anyone wedding ahead or not! Some beautiful picture of beautiful people on their happiest days.

30 January 2014

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for a Libester Award by Kaitlyn from Kaitlyn's Simply Vintage At http://kaitlynssimplyvintage.blogspot.co.uk/
A massive Thank You to Kaitlyn

What is Libester Awards?
It's a token of recognition that bloggers award to fellow bloggers who they think deserve more recognition. The terminology "Liebster" roughly translates to "Dearest" from German, and the guidelines of this award are as follows:
1. You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you
2. You yourself then pick 11 blogs who have under 200 followers
3. You must the think of 11 questions for the blogs you have picked and also tell them.
4. You must then link to the blogs you nominated
5. Write 11 facts about yourself
1. Why did you start blogging?
I started to read blogs in my free time at uni and feel in love with the community feel to it all and all the tips and advise you could get from it, I think this is why I decided to join in!
2.What is your Favourite Piece of music?
I just love Elvis and one of my favourites is one of the less famous ones, Burning Love, I cant help but dance!
3. Do you thrift Shop? If so, what is the purchase you are most proud off?
Has to be the nylon gloves in the post below, so cheap, never been used and I feel so good wearing them!
4. Tea or Coffee?
Has to be coffee
5. What colour are the walls in your bedroom?
Boring magnolia
6. What is the best advice your parents ever given you?
Don't marry for money, marry for love. But love where there is money! :P Advice I didn't take!!!
7. What would your dream house be?
A house with a kitchen big enough for a kitchen island!! I have always wanted one!
8. What creative pursuits do you follow?
Does my blog count and creative?
9. Are you a morning person?
10. What is your ideal fashion item
This changes often, but right now I really want a parasol!!
11. Do you collect anything
Tea Cups
11 Facts About Me
1. I am a farmers daughter
2. I'm obsessed with buying books and I often don't read them
3. I used to be a Greb
4. I think smoking looks really cool, but I will never do it
5. I am a daddy's girl
6. I am very lazy and messy
7. I pretend to just love driving so I don't have to be the passenger to bad drivers
8. I never finish projects.
9. I love to organise things but never stick to the organisation
10. I love Elvis
11. I love colouring
My 11 Questions to You!
1. Who is your idol?
2. What do you enjoy about blogging?
3. Clean or Messy?
4. Guilty pleasure?
5. Best place you have found to shop?
6. Where would you like to be in 5 years? Personally, job and blog wise?
7. Favourite Vintage time scale?
8. Hobbies?
9. What advice would you give to fellow bloggers
10. What is your favourite purchase?
11. What can we expect from your blog in the future
Nominated Blogs
Dear Thirty at http://www.dearthirty.co.uk/ 
The Pretty Side of Life at  http://theprettiestsideoflife.blogspot.co.uk/ 
I am really looking forward to seeing you answers to my questions!

Birthdays, Bakewell Tarts and Bargins (of the vintage kind)

Yes I am now a year old and now the mature age of 23! (need to remember to change my about me!!)
Now I love a presents! Everyone does, but for me when it comes to presents from Eddie, it has to be days out and spending time together, and this year he did not let me down! In fact I think this was one of the best birthdays ever!
We had a trip to Bakewell, a very traditional and beautiful town about a 20 minuet drive from my Matlock home. Of course Bakewell is most famous for it tarts and puddings but also, on more of a local scale, its market.
That is how we spent out morning, very cold and foggy! but a lovely walk around the market stalls spending most of our time looking at the stalls selling traditional sweets, and of course the pork pie and sausage roll stall!
As you can see from the picture above, a fish and chip lunch had to be had to warm us up, with a lovely cup of tea and a few slices of bread and butter! It was sooo good!!
And then we explored the shops! And this is where the bargains were found!
Firstly it was this beautiful bag! Now you all know how I love my bags! But my absolute obsession is, as I like to call them, Carpet Bags!
As soon as we entered it caught my eye and I literally shouted "oooo carpet bag"!
Once in my hands I knew I had to have this 1960s treasure, it is in absolute immaculate condition! Made from welsh wool and even still containing its manufacture sticker I had to be mine! It has not been off my arm since and I feel very lucky to have found such a lovely bag in such fantastic condition!
The bag wasn't the only treasure I found in perfect condition! These nylon gloves at only £2.50 a pair had never even been worn. I couldn't just stop at one pair with such a good deal that I purchased four! But of course you have to ones that will match various outfits!!
These are just a few of the collection they had, more of the same colours but also other, there were yellows and purples too!
Luckily for me, I have quite small hands and even one of these four pairs is still a bit of a squeeze, so just be warned if you have largish hands you may have some difficulty to find a pair that fits properly. I feel so glam and classy in them, it makes me hold things differently and look at my hands all the time, such a child!
You can also see from the picture about one of my presents from Eddie. My tartan scarf that I just love! I like it because it is that bit different to ones that you see around at the moment as it has the blues and greens in it also! I think he brought it from a gentleman's outfitters in Nottingham, but this is something else that I am currently hardly ever seen without. And with the look of the snow I currently see falling it wont be leaving me anytime soon!
So after more shopping and walking around in the cold, tea was needed, and a trip to Bakewell is not completed without Bakewell tart, (which I had), or Bakewell pudding, (which Eddie had).
We went to the Lavender Tea Rooms. A beautiful place to go for tea and cake, as both the up and down stairs rooms are full of many trinkets for you to admire and purchase if you pleased. I was in a tea cup wonderland and could have brought the whole place!! But I am under tea cup buying restrictions until we are in our new home!! It was very difficult.
Once home my birthday made even more special as my mum had cooked a lovely tea...and... had knitted me this fantastic blue and cream tea cosy for when we have a new home! I have been saying I had wanted to have a go at knitting one myself for a while, but I just got laughed at as they all know I am rubbish at having the patients to learn how to do such things! Isn't my mum so cleaver! I am so excited to get into our new house and have visitors for tea!
Here is the dress that I wore for my birthday, not a vintage dress, but it certainly has a vintage feel. I purchased it in the January sale from a shop called Joy. Joys is a fantastic place for pieces like this if you like to wear new clothes with a vintage look.
I love the mustard colours that you see around, but it is a colour I find difficult to pull of because of how pale I am. It make me look washed out and ill. This dress however, with its navy blue contrast doesn't have the effect of making me look drained at all! Enabling me to ware the mustard colour I enviously see others wearing.    
So here is to being a year old! I just hope the rest of the year is as enjoyable as this day!